2022 NWSL Draft – Small Conference Prospects

Miri Taylor – HofstraWSOC Istagram

Over the history of the NWSL draft, 90 percent of the athletes have been drafted from just seven conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, SEC, PAC 12 and the WCC). Last year, half of the draft attended just two of those, the ACC and the PAC 12.

So, what makes the 10 percent of players not from those conferences stand out?

Over the past four years, only nine players from schools not in that group of seven were selected. The highest drafted was Konya Plummer, Orlando’s first pick in the second round of the 2020 draft. Plummer had played on the Jamaican National Team, she was a first team All-American, the American Athletic Conference defensive player of the year, and before transferring to UCF she recorded seven goals and ten assists as a freshman at Southeastern. Highly decorated would not only describe Plummer coming into the draft, but would also describe her eight smaller school counterparts. All of them conference All-Americans, some of them players of the year, some on the Mac Hermann watch list, some with national team experience. The table below shows those nine players and their accomplishments.  

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2021/19AnnaHeilfertyWASBoston UniversityPatriotMac Herman Trophy watch list, U18 USWNT member, 2x All-American, recoded 1281 minutes and 13 points as a freshman
2021/29SydneySchneiderWASUNC-WilmingtonColonialStarted every game as a freshman, member of the Jamaican National Team, all american, conference goal keeper of the year
2020/10KonyaPlummerORLUCFAmericanMember of the Jamaican U21 national team, All-American, AAC defender of the year, recorded 1210 minutes, 10 assists, and 7 goals as a freshman
2020/12KateDel FavaUTAIllinois StateMissouri ValleyRecorded 1979 mins and 5 points as a freshman, 4x All-American, MVC POY senior season with 17 goals and 39 points, 61 career points
2020/35AerialChavarinCHIYaleIvyPlayed for the US youth national team,3x All-American, Ivy league defensive player of the year, IVY League rookie of the year
2019/14LaurenMillietNCColorado CollegeMountain WestRecorded 1848 minutes and 10 points as a Freshman, olympic development program member, 3x All-American
2019/35JennaSzczesnyCHILoyola ChicagoMissouri ValleyMVC freshman of the year, 4x All-American, MVC Player of the year, 84 career points
2018/31RachelMooreWASWilliam & MaryColonialStarted 17 games and recorded 12 pts as a freshman, 4x All-American, 56 career points
2018/39CarlinHudsonNCYaleIvyPlayed 1246 minutes as a freshman, 3x All-American

Now, the original formation of the Dossier doesn’t include many players from these smaller conferences, since the focus was on the players with the highest probability of being drafted. In no way does this mean that these players can’t or won’t be drafted, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve recognition. So without further ado, here are the small conference athletes who have the best chance of having their name called in the 2022 NWSL draft. Keep in mind a few of these players will find their way onto the Dossier after the season is over, but for now, we’ll list them all here.

Miri TaylorHofstraFMember of the England U15 and U17 national teams, recorded 1245 minutes and 9 points as a freshman, 3x All-American
Lucy ShepherdHofstraFMember of the England u15 national team, played for Aston Villa, 2x All-American
Tanya BoychukMemphisFU20 canadian national team, 3x All-American, 1060 minutes and 7pts as a freshman
Jazmin GrantHoustonFPlayed for the U20 jamaican national team, recorded 771 minutes and 15 pts as a freshman, 3x All-American
Hannah FriedrichSaint LouisF85 career points, 3x All-American, 1476 minutes and 30 pts as a freshman
Samantha JerabekVCUF3x All-American, 76 career points, Started 17 games and recorded 3pts as a freshman
Sydney CarrSeattle UFMember of the US U17 and U19 national teams, WAC offensive player of the year, NCAA leader in goals and points (16 and 38) junior season
Whitley GriffithsDixie StateF86 career points, 3x All-American
Jacqui HandColorado CollegeFMember of the Zew Zealand U20 and U17 National Teams, 2x All-American, 42 career points, recorded 903 minutes and 7 points as a Freshman
Marcy BarbericBuffaloF3x All-American, MAC offensive player of the year, 79 career points, recorded 4 points and 1651 minutes as a Freshman
Lucy PorterHofstraM2x Mac Hermann trophy watchlist, 3x All-American, CAA midfielder of the year, 109 career points, Member of the England U15 and U17 national teams
Jordan LittleboyHofstraMMember of the England U20 national team, signed with Arsenal in 2017, 2x All-American
Ebony WisemanJames MadisonMInvited to England U15 and U17 camps, 2x All-American
Marleen SchimmerGrand CanyonMArizona State transfer, 29 points already this year, member of the U17 Germany squad, recorded 11 points as a freshman and played for TSV Schott Mainz
Amber TrippUtah ValleyMWAC Freshman of the year, invited to ODP regional camp, 2x All-American, 59 career points
Brenna McPartlanSouth Alabama - LSU  MMember of the U19 Ireland squad, played for the Man City U19 team, Sun Belt freshman of the year, 2x All-American, 31 points in 2020
Laura FuentesSan Diego StateMParticipated in a U18 USWNT training camp, 3x All-American, started 19 games and recorded 7 points as a freshman, 25 career points
 Nicky PottsBall StateMMember of multiple England youth national teams,plays with Aston Villa, 2x All-American
Abby SwansonLoyolaMConference freshman of the year, Conference defensive player of the year, 2x All-American
Victoria TranNavyMPatriot league midfielder of the year, 3x All-American, 18 career points
Mikenna McManusNortheasternDU18 USWNT Training Camp invite, 3x All-American, played 1937 minutes as a freshman
Chyanne DennisUSFDAttended USWNT U17 training camp, has plyed for the Jamaican U20 team, American Athletic Conference co-defensive player of the year
Brionna HalversonSaint LouisDMember of the USWNT U17 national team, 3x All-American, recorded 1259 minutes as a Freshman
Taylor HansenMontanaD2x All-American, 2x All tournament team, 21 career points, recorded 1089 minutes as a freshman
Sarah SodomaArkansas StateFSun Belt Freshman of the Year, 4x All-American, Conference Player of the Year, and Offensive Player of the Year

Why no goalkeepers? Very few are drafted to begin with, and Sydney Martinez is already listed on the pre-season Dossier, so she was not included on this list.

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