There is a lack of content revolving around the NWSL draft. SoccerDossier would like to change that.

We want big boards and mock drafts and player profiles readily available months before the draft, and that isn’t something that currently exists. So we’re here to make that happen.

This site will consist of a several different content portals:

Articles – This will range anywhere from player profiles to mock drafts and draft analysis.

The Dossier – The main heart of this site is the identification of NWSL draftees. A list (dubbed the Dossier) will be released before (this year slightly after) the start of the college season, and then another will be released in November, post college season. Both lists will be compared to the upcoming draft and we’ll learn and grow and polish the Dossier for future years to better evaluate the athletes down the line. Read more about how it came together here.

Youth National Team Identification – This is also a list, but every year a list of youth national team players will be released. By conference most likely.

Highlights– The articles will have highlight reels embedded within them from our YouTube channel.