2022 NWSL Draft Profiles – Maggie Ntim

As a site exclusively focused on the NWSL college draft, it’s important to highlight not only the players who will be drafted, but also the individuals who support those players. We can learn a lot through mock drafts and data analysis, but to fully understand the draft process, it’s imperative to feature the stories and experiences of those actually involved in the event. Hopefully, this will be the first of many interviews centering around those individuals.

We reached out to Maggie Ntim of Trinity 3 Agency to share her perspective on the upcoming draft as an agent representing several players.

How do you prepare before the draft? And how do you help your clients prepare? 

I usually prepare a year in advance for the draft. Being that this year will be my second draft I have spreadsheets and data of players from last year that didn’t declare. I also have a pretty good memory from watching players and knowing when they were scheduled to graduate.

I help my clients prepare for the draft by first making sure they understand that I’m here for them, and inform them of all options before declaring. Once they’re certain on going pro, my team and I would take necessary steps  to make sure they have highlight reels, are properly registered, and are mentally prepared. Making that  transition can be very overwhelming and it’s important players know they have an agent that cares and is there to help them throughout the entire process.  

Do teams contact you about interest in your clients? Or is that done through a coach or directly with the player? What is that interaction like? 

Yes, some teams do contact me and vice versa. I’ve managed to build great relationships with coaches, general managers, sporting directors, scouts, and a few owners. 

How do you find players to represent? Do they contact you? Or do you reach out to them? If you reach out to them, how do you know who to reach out to. 

Very good question! So my process is very different from other agents. For most of my players, they came as referrals. So I’ve been very fortunate in that sense. I’m very picky when it comes to representing players so if I scout a player, it’s mainly because I’m a fan, and they could possibly be a good fit. At Trinity 3 Agency, we look for several key aspects when signing players. Besides their on the field talent, we focus a lot on their off the field potential. Two key aspects:

1) Marketing – Is the player marketable? 

2) Community/Philanthropy – Are the players connected to a charity, or mission? At some point in their playing career would the player want to start their own foundation, charity or join a great local charity.  

Declaring for the NWSL draft is a big decision for a player, are there benefits to doing that earlier in the college season? Or later in the season? 

Yes, there are great benefits to declaring early especially if one is certain. It helps because they can focus on finishing school and pursuing their professional career.  

Can you think of any reason that I shouldn’t list if a player is returning to school earlier? Before declaration day? 

Yes, this can cause confusion for teams especially if the player is indecisive. I say RESEARCH and have a great clarity if the player is going to declare.  

Are there any improvements you’d like to see to the NWSL draft process? 

Sheesh! So many improvements! (Lol) I will say I do like some things that NWSL draft process, such as making sure everyone has ample time to declare. Now for the improvements:

1) Marketing + Promotions

  • With media partners such as CBS it’d be great to see the draft televised  live.  
  • It would also be great to see specials leading up to the draft and not just of the potential number one pick, but a majority of the young women declaring for the draft. Everyone has a story, and it would be great to hear about these stories as it would inspire future generations. 

 2) Partnerships

  • Really working with the partners to create a memorable draft process. For example, if we ever do get back to in person, events a few days leading up to the draft. Each partner can host an event for draft participants.  
What are a few of the main challenges for you as an agent when it comes to the NWSL draft? 

Biggest challenge for me is being a new agent. I’m going into my second year as an agent, and as one of the first African American female agents in this sport here in the US it hasn’t been easy. To have to compete with the male agents who dominate and have bigger resources, it can be challenging. I’ve done okay for myself and don’t let any of that stop me from achieving my goals. I recruit and sign the right players that are a fit, and I’ll continue to do so.  

What is your favorite part about representing these players? 

My favorite part about representing players is watching them achieve all their goals both on and off the field. I let each of my clients know that it’s more family than a player-agent relationship. This means I’m available 24/7 to them and will give it my all to help them on their journey as a professional.  

Do you have anything you’d like to see on this site, that isn’t currently available elsewhere? 

I’d love to see players highlighted, such as interviews, (college, professional, retired) and maybe even coaches.  

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? 

Thank you so much for doing this. This is going to help so many players. Thank you for your contribution  to the soccer community. Keep going!

Working to cover and predict the NWSL draft earlier than it ever has been before. Make sure to check out our other articles, and The Dossier, a list of NWSL draft prospects!