2023 NWSL Draft Prospects – Defenders

Jordan Brewster, West Virginia University
(courtesy @wvuwomenssoccer on Instagram)

The table below contains a selection of collegiate defensive prospects for the 2023 NWSL draft. Since the Pre-Season Dossier was trimmed down this year as an experiment after last years draft, this table includes defenders from that list, and from other schools as well. Along with listing their names and universities, it also shows if they’ve played on a national or youth national team (Y/NT), how many years they’ve been a Conference All-American (AA), how many minutes they played in their freshman season, their career starts, and whether or not they are on this years Mac Hermann watch list. Feel free to read why we find these categories important here.

NameSchool Y/NTAA1st Year MinutesCareer StartsMac Hermann
Jordan BrewsterWest Virginiay4208888y
Brionna HalversonSaint Louisy4125988
Dunja MostaracUniversity of Massachusetts-Lowelly4163469y
Jyllissa Harris South Carolinan4181189y
Lulu Guttenberger NC Statey3195285
Mykiaa Minniss Washington Statey3171981y
Trinity WatsonPepperdiney352165y
Cecily Stoute Georgiay3161562
Maycee Bell North Carolinay3216156y
Aliya Diagne Butlery364050
Kayley Ables Baylorn3201780
Ruby DiodatiMichigan Staten3168469
Anja SuttnerHofstran3191758
Ashley BarronCincinnatin3157153
Brianna MartinezNotre Damey2136973
Hannah ZaluskiTennesseey2164162
Reyna Reyes Alabamay2155662y
Chai CortezOregony217260
Kennedy WesleyStanfordy2150054
Nicole PayneUSCy2151048
Cassie HiattPenn Statey2147341
Brandi PetersonUSCn2158384
 Olivia SenskyOhio Staten2139674
Hannah Sharts Coloradon2197567
Bryana Hunter Arkansasn242066
Macy Monticello Wisconsinn2200658
Bridget RiekenWashington Staten2140357
Katie Smith Texas A&Mn2133055
Croix SotoOregonn2139749
Gabrielle GayleSouth Alabamay 145
Sydney Collins California y1116775
Emma ClarkeUniversity of Houstony1110863y
Jayde RiviereMichigan y1116240
Maya Antoine Vanderbilty125338
Heather PayneFlorida Statey1177931
Sara Wheaton Iowan1161384
Ellie WalkerPortlandn1160580
Samantha White Michigan Staten1163175
Skylurr Patrick Purduen1158767
Karlina SampleTexas A&Mn134158
Tianna HarrisKent Staten1168353
Tianna HarrisKent State Universityn1168353y
Andrea Tyrell Mississippi Staten176653
Kaela HansenKansasy0165089
Shannon CookeLSUy0131575
Reese MoffatOregon Statey0167371
Gabrielle RobinsonWest Virginiay0204965
Talia StaudeUVAy0165265
Michela AgrestiBoston Collegey0164265
Abena AidooVanderbilty0126664
Katherine TurnerSt. Johnsy0143261
Athalie PalomoPitty0141461
Lieske CarleerArizona Statey0139257
Ashley CathroIllinoisy0169956
Abbie RobertsSeton Hally023434
Kate WiesnerPenn Stateyn63330

Data as of day of publication.

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