2023 NWSL Draft Prospects – Goalkeepers

Meagan McClelland, Goalkeeper, Rutgers
(Photo Courtesy @meeeg_15 on Instagram)

The table below contains collegiate goalkeeper prospects for the 2023 NWSL draft. Since the Pre-Season Dossier was trimmed down this year as an experiment after last years draft, this table includes goalkeepers from that list, and from other schools as well. Along with listing their names and universities, it also shows if they’ve played on a national or youth national team (Y/NT), how many years they’ve been a Conference All-American (AA), how many minutes they played in their freshman season, and their career minutes. Their shutouts (SHO), goals against average (GA/AVG), and save percentage (SV%) are all from the current 2022 season. Height is listed because currently, only one NWSL goalkeeper is under 5’8″ (shoutout to Lindsey Harris). Feel free to read why we find some of these categories important here.

NameSchoolHeightAAYNTMinutesFreshman MinutesSHOGA/AVGSV %
Lauren Kozal Michigan State5'10"1n59791652100.410.877
Meagan McClelland Rutgers5'9"4y9302196580.790.745
Savannah Madden Texas5'7"1y56854560.830.802
Lauren Brzykcy UCLA5'10"3y570158550.50.841
Angelina AndersonCalifornia6'0"3y6086189650.980.7
Ashley Orkus Ole Miss5'11"2y68946190.60.857
Brenna CrumpPacific5'5"1n481869531.230.827
Allie Augur Georgetown5'7"1n5447143870.250.889
Ruthie Jones Duke6'0"1y514411641.040.644
Bella KillgoreRice University5'4"2n7319137971.130.806
Melania PasarKansas5'11"0y 17573641.280.75
Olivia SekanyWashington6'0"0y4376021.080.681
Lindsey RomigTennessee6'0"1y5239109451.180.758
Kenna CaldwellTexas A&M6'0"0n446846241.050.746

Statistics at time of publication.

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